Skin Type & Skin Conditions| Do you know your skin type?

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What is the difference between Skin Types and Skin Conditions

Skin Type is determined genetically from our parents we are born with it, this will never change and it’s dependent on the amount of oil flow or lack of it. Skin types are the base to your skin analysis it’s important to get this right.

Skin Type & Skin Conditions Do you know your skin type

Basically we have 3 categories Lipid DRY (lacking oil), Oily and Diffused RednessNow you will also have heard about Combination, Normal and Sensitive skins but really we look at what is the Majority Skin Type – Ask yourself “do I have oily present on my skin?” If it’s yes will you have an Oily skin, you may be saying “but I don’t have alot of oil” – if your skin has a  majority of oil meaning you have more oil then dry areas, you still have oil present, so your oil glands are active. On the other hand a Dry skin will have no oil or very minimal oil over the majority of the face. And Diffused Redness is blotchy high color with flushing tendency.

Key Points to identify Skin Type:

Lipid (oil) Dry Skin will be matt showing very minimal oil over the entire face, the surface maybe rough and flaky can have comedones around nose wings, most likely showing premature aging, skin color may appear blotchy with pigmentation, dull and have diffused redness. The whole body will be dry.

Oily Skin oil will be present through the T zone can also be seen on the neck, decollete and back, Slick to the touch. On the surface scarring maybe seen and the skin can have a thicken appearance (like orange peel), open and closed comedones and can have blemishes. Color can be sallow with a sheen and some underlying redness.

Diffused Redness has high color on cheeks nose and chin, blotchy and tendency to flush, the surface skin is fine and will mark, skin can be irritated easily, minimal oil present. If this skin type is neglected,  later in life could lead to Rosacea.

The aim is to keep the skin in balance, when it’s out of balance that’s what can trigger a skin condition, eg: a dry skin can became drier through lack of hydration or an oily skin can become excessively oily from over stimulation. So it’s important to know your skin type, choosing the right Cleanser and Toner (Lotion) will depend on which skin type you have. A note on Normal skin, once we start puberty and the oil glands kick in or not we do not have normal skin.

Now of course you will have extremes to these skin types and they can be linked to external or internal factors developed through work, play and lifestyle so we refer to these as Skin Conditions.

Skin Conditions:

Skin condition are contributed to internal and external factors we covered some of the affects on skin in the post before – How to have Beautiful Skin. Skin Conditions are things that we can control, understanding how the skin functions and learning how to correct and so change the conditions are the keys to improving your skin. Here are the major Condition we as Beauty Therapists see on the skin.

  • Dehydration which is water loss from the cells this is linked to Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency (EFAD). All skin type can have Dehydration, the major causes are lack of water & EFA (omega oils) in the body (Diet), environment, wrong or incorrect product usage, medications, lifestyle.
  • Premature Aging Lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity (loose skin) and collagen, pigmentation. Sun damage is the major cause but also stress, lifestyle and genetics play a role.
  • Pigmentation is the development of brown or white patches on the skin. There are differing causes from external sun, fragrance, products to internal causes medication, hormonal, pregnancy.
  • Sensitive which is weak damaged skin that can irritate easily, the immune system and acid mantle is impaired. Causes can be Stress, diet, environmental, medication, illness, incorrect product and use.
  • Rosacea is genetic but can also be cause by neglecting/mistreating sensitive skin, largely an internal problem but can be aggravated by lifestyle, diet, environment.
  • Acne there are different grades and types of Acne which we’ll talk about more in a later post. Acne can be genetic, if one of your parents had it there is a 50% chance you’ll have it, because it is also a skin condition there are things you can do to lessen the effects, knowing what’s causing the acne can help you improve your skin and reduce scarring. Some of the causes arehormones and stress are big ones, diet is another, medications, lifestyle/work.
  • Congestion and Clogging these affect the surface of the skin but can be caused from internally factors EFAD, diet, hormonal. External factors are environment, lifestyle, products.

There are same other conditions that we will go into as well, that you may not know about, these are – Free Radical Damage (Oxygenation loss) shows as Sallow skin also seen in sun/environmental damaged skins. Glycation (Glycosylation) caused from high sugar levels, something we’ll see more as type 2 diabetes is increasing.

To sum up; Skin Types we are born with and are genetic to our parents, while Skin Conditions are a factor of our Lifestyle, environment, diet, habits, health and well-being so therefore we can fix and improve the condition of our skin by adjusting what we are using, doing and eating/taking.

If you want to change your skin, you need to change your habits.’

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