Facials Massage And Its Procedure

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In this post I had told my readers about the purpose of massage especially facial massage. I also discussed the origin and insertion of a muscle. I also guided the readers about the right direction in which any muscle should be massaged. Basic massage manipulations were also covered.

Facials Massage And Its Procedure

This post will depict the physical and psychological effects of a facial. A facial is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing experience and anybody who gets a professional facial goes for it again. A good beauty salon provides a quiet atmosphere and maintains neat and clean sanitary conditions in the work area. The colors of the room and decor should be very soothing, peaceful and relaxing.

The client should feel at ease. After the basic preparation of the client analyze the client’s skin. Remove make up from the face. This will help you to know more about the skin. This analysis will determine which area will need special attention and which products will be better for the massage. This will also guide you where to put more or less pressure.It will also guide you which equipment or apparatus to use.

Next step for facial is cleaning. I am not going in detail of  the cleaning techniques. After cleaning remove the cleansing lotion and steam the face with mildly warm , moist towels. This will help to open the pores. Cleaning of the pores is very essential so that oils, blackheads and makeup can be cleaned. Steam also helps to soften superficial lines and increases blood circulation to the surface of the skin.

Now is the time for facial massage. Select the massage cream and start manipulations. The eyes of the client should be covered with cotton pads moistened with a mild astringent. Give a good massage and then expose the face to infrared light for three to five minutes.

Remove the massage cream and apply astringent. This is the time for the treatment mask for the client. Apply the mask and leave it on the face for seven to ten minutes, remove the mask with wet cotton pledgets. Apply astringent and let the client rest for a while.

Golden rules is —–Never break the contact with your client during the massage period.

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