Facial massage for a healthy skin

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Facial massage helps in keeping the skin healthy and muscles firm. It is an exercise to the facial muscles. It helps in keeping the muscle tone. Massage helps in stimulation of the blood circulation. It provides mental relaxation to the tired muscles of the face. People really feel so relaxed that they go to sleep there on the massage table while the massage is in progress.

Facial massage for a healthy skin

Facial massage is limited to certain areas of the body. It is face, neck, shoulders, upper chest and back. We also massage hands and arms, feet, lower legs and sometimes scalp also. Usually it is done with the hands. It is liked by all of us. In this modern  age when technology is so advance, we can very easily make use of electrical appliances. All salons are using electrical steamers, heating caps, scalp and face steamers and what not!

Facial massage is not a whole body massage. Its areas are limited, like face neck shoulders, upper chest or back. Some salons give extra services but they charge more for that. Price increases according to the labor.

A person who gives massage has to keep certain things in mind because he or she has to work on somebody ‘s face. So your hands should be soft but firm.Your movements should be correct and shouldn’t pull the skin in a wrong direction. Your hands should be flexible. To have a desired effect one has to take care of the hands.

Use creams. Oils and lotions and keep the skin of the hands soft. You have to take care of your nails too. If your nails are big and are not smooth then client will be hesitant in getting massage from you. He or she will be scared to get their face scratched by your nails.

You should be very friendly so that client feels confident enough and be comfortable with you. If your hands are usually cold then warm your hands by applying cream on your palms. Give a good rub to your hands and generate heat before starting the massage. This will help you with the smoother and gentler movements of your hand.

Don’t think that a facial can be taken only in salon. I do facial myself. If you have extra money do indulge every now and then otherwise do it yourself or friends or sisters can indulge and help save the big bucks

Only thing to remember is the correct movements of the hands and correct procedure because wrong movements may harm the skin. This can lead you to much more expensive ventures in the future. So BE CAREFUL

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