Basil Or Tulsee, A Wonderful Herbs

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We hear, read and visualize various advertisements about herbal treatments. Even i didn’t realize that certain foods which I eat everyday are herbs and have the power to heal certain diseases.I started paying attention very late in life. When herbs drew my attention, I read a few books. I was amazed to know that i knew so much about herbs without even realizing that I was almost a herbalist. I know you will laugh at it. Well it is true. let me explain it.

Basil Or Tulsee, A Wonderful Herbs


My mother would give us tulsi  tea whenever we will sneeze during winter. That would prevent our oncoming bad cold. We had to drink hot syrup of plain sugar and lot of black pepper. We would be crying but we had to swallow it and go to sleep with the warm blanket. And LO –Fever and running  nose gone and we will get up fresh as if nothing happened. Our grand mothers and mothers have been doing this all our lives and we did not realize that they are herbs and some medicines are made from them. Herbs are those plants which have leaves and green stems. They don’t have thick wood like stem. They are different  from spices but can be used as spices also. Similarly some spices can be used as medicines. So much about herbs. I am one of those people who believe in these medicinal plants, their preventive and effective qualities of cure.


Now let me tell you about a beautiful herb which is known as ‘Queen of herbs’ and The ‘Elixir of life’. It also means light. Its dry properties help in melting fat in the body. It has inflammatory properties along with its aromatic qualities. It is used in cosmetics. perfumes,and soaps. As it is from the mint family it has many of the same medicinal qualities. It is a digestive aid, palliative for headaches, is also use as sedative. In India and china it is used for kidney troubles and— for blood circulation. Basil is used in china from ancient times as back as 3,000 years. It has clove like taste. Use it with other herbs like garlic oregano and thyme. It can be used in sauces and pestos. You can really enjoy a cup of tea made with basil.


Basil has many kinds. Indian tulsee is very good  and is very effective. Its leaves are small. In ancient times tulsee was worshipped in India. Even today some people do not start their day without watering the tulsee plant in the morning. It is usually planted in the center of the front ,main door of the house. This plant is like their daitey who blesses them with all happiness in life. :)
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